Are you wondering what saying yes to following Jesus really means? Do you want to know more about Christianity but you’re not sure what, or how, to ask? Are you just beginning a new faith in Jesus Christ? Start Here.



Written by two authors who know what it’s like to seek God, Start Here answers questions such as: If God is real, now what? What is the relationship between God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit? Can I accept Jesus as the way to God?



Following Jesus isn’t about rules—it’s all about relationship. So start here to find practical help and encouraging stories about what authentic Christianity really looks like. Welcome to the journey of a lifetime.

The story about Jesus is a simple one; so is His message. This is a book that blows the foam off the top and gives His simple message uncomplicated, accurate freshness.

— Bob Goff, author of New York Times bestseller Love Does —

What Others Are Saying...

  • Start Here is kind of like a Get to Know God 101 course—with clear, easy-to-understand answers to all your basic questions about what it means to be a Christian. What a relief! I can think of five people I want to give this book to.

    — Elisa Morgan, speaker and author of The Beauty of Broken —
  • Start Here introduces basic Christianity to serious enquirers (and to Christians!) in multiple personal ways and was written by two authors who clearly love Jesus Christ and who want their readers to share that love within the church universal and out in a needy world. I warmly recommend it.

    — F. Dale Bruner, author of commentaries on the gospels of Matthew and John and the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts —
  • This book is primer for those who have experienced a stirring in their soul and are looking for the path to a full relationship with Jesus. On the very first pages, David Dwight and Nicole Unice acknowledge these stirrings and then offer practical steps about what do next. If you feel that peculiar spiritual itch, that slight discomfort in your heart, that nagging irritation that cannot be soothed except through the balm of Jesus, then Start Here is the place to begin.

    — Frank A. James III, DPhil, PhD, president and professor of historical theology at Biblical Seminary —
  • As a church leader, I’m always on the look out for resources to recommend to people who are beginning a journey of faith. David and Nicole have done a brilliant job of simplifying concepts of faith while showcasing the beauty of starting a relationship with Jesus. Every church leader would benefit from adding Start Here to their discipleship process.

    — Jenni Catron, executive director of Cross Point Church and author of Clout —
  • If you’re coming alive through new faith in Jesus Christ, I hope you’ll get your hands on this book! And if you’re a person who’s helping others find Jesus, you’ll be very glad to have this resource to share. I’m thrilled David and Nicole have written this book, which fills a huge need and helps all of us be reminded again about what Christ has done for us!

    — Norm Miller, chairman of Interstate Batteries and cofounder of I AM SECOND —
  • All congregations need a resource that can help new believers grow into what God has called them to be. Start Here can be just such a resource. I see it being very helpful in new members classes, in discipleship, for new believers, and even as a kind of primer for believers who need a stimulus to grow.

    — Jim Singleton, associate professor of pastoral leadership and evangelism at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary —
  • Have you felt yourself strangely drawn to the person of Jesus Christ, even without knowing much about Him? Have you found yourself in a relationship with Jesus, wanting to know more about what it’s all about and where it all goes from here? It’s hard to imagine more capable guides into what relationship with Jesus is like than David Dwight and Nicole Unice, authors of Start Here. They’ve watched carefully as others have walked this way. They don’t assume they know everything about you. But I bet you’ll recognize the experience of coming into the relationship that they describe. In fresh language that’s never preachy, always kind, and consistently committed to what’s real, Dwight and Unice take up a conversation with people like us: attracted to Jesus, confused by some of what we’ve heard about Him, reluctant about religion, open to checking our impressions against the facts. I can’t think of a better place to start this journey into the most important relationship you’ll ever have than … well … Start Here.

    — Dr. David A. Baer, president and CEO of Overseas Council —
  • Practical, loving, gracious, and highly approachable. David and Nicole made great choices in focusing on the key elements of Christianity in Start Here, and they managed to tackle deep theology without using insider church language that many new believers find off-putting. The use of actual stories of those new to their journey of faith, the practical nature of the material, and the tone of the book, which is filled with humor and generosity, made me excited to see how God will use this material in the lives of those who are starting their journeys with Christ. I have been a believer for almost forty years and a pastor for six, and as I read, I found myself encouraged and affirmed in my faith.

    — Jennifer Lefforge, lead team/pastor of Worship Experience at Irving Bible Church —
  • Dwight and Unice don’t just point out the starting blocks of the faith journey; they lace up their shoes and run with you for a few laps. Reminding us thatit’s about relationship over rules, and story over saccharine spiritual sentimentality, Start Here will set you on a course for the adventure of following Jesus. They will answer some important questions, but more importantly, they will help you ask the right questions. Start now with Start Here.

    — Heather Zempel, discipleship pastor at National Community Church and author of Community Is Messy and Amazed and Confused —
  • Start Here is a great resource for those wondering where exactly to begin a journey with Jesus. It is a warm, easygoing approach to the rich life of faith that we all hope to live. With candor and a winsome spirit, Nicole and David bring people to a place of comfort and of knowing where exactly to start. A great resource for churches, small groups, and individuals.

    — Reverend Tracey Bianchi, pastor for Worship and Women at Christ Church of Oak Brook, author, and speaker —
  • Start Here is a great primer to the Christian faith. Nicole Unice and David Dwight don’t ‘dumb down’ Christianity by any stretch—instead they offer thevery basics to the Christ-curious while inviting them to enter the mysteries of our faith.

    — Caryn Rivadeneira, author of Broke and Known and Loved —
  • Start Here is a helpful guide to beginning a relation- ship with Jesus Christ. The authors take pains to present the invitation of Jesus in clear, accessible, and compelling ways. Recommended for all who wonder what Christians mean when they talk about inviting Jesus into their lives.

    — Mike Erre, senior pastor of EvFree Fullerton and author of Astonished —
  • A superb introduction to the Christian life written in an engaging style that will keep the interest of contemporary readers, even those with little previous knowledge of Christian truth.

    — Ajith Fernando, teaching director of Youth for Christ —
  • This book will be very useful in encouraging people in our postdenominational culture. It is the engaging tool for which we have been searching that meets this generation ‘where it is’ without compromising the core content of the Gospel. Our large church will certainly use it to help people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

    — Rufus Smith, senior pastor of Hope Presbyterian Church and former chaplain to the Houston Rockets —




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