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The Disillusionment Solution

Today Nicole’s over at Gifted for Leadership, sharing on how evangelism is everyone’s responsibility. Here’s a little bit of the article: We all have moments, as leaders, when we want to give it up. Maybe you just want to hide after someone critiques your event or questions your decisions, when you’re weary from holding others…

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Share Your Story: Paige

I knew and accepted God as a child but later drifted away. But after I separated myself from church and from God, there was definitely a season of Him stirring and working to draw me back toward Him. At the time, I was in college, and I was going through a season of feeling hugely…

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Share Your Story: Dana

This all started when I hit a breaking point: where every terrible thing that could happen, did. My longtime boyfriend and I broke up. I had been having residual feelings for another man for about a year, and I consistently lied to my boyfriend about it, which spurred the demise of our relationship. I destroyed…

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Can You Actually Know God’s Purpose For Your Life?

Do you spend much time wondering (or worrying) about what career or purpose is right for your life? I’ve lost sleep over the same topic, constantly returning to this question: Am I wasting my life in this (job, relationship, church, etc.)? Most of us are deeply concerned with living meaningful, purposeful lives, and we spend…

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Share Your Story: Pete

I grew up in a family of church CEOs. CEO stood for Christmas and Easter Only. My belief at the time was that there probably was a God, but He wasn’t important. I never liked going to church. You had to dress up, sing a bunch of boring songs, and then listen to someone talk…

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Introducing Start Here: Press Release

“…For those looking for a tool to give friends, coworkers, or family members, Start Here is a simple reminder that making a lifelong commitment to Christ need not be complicated. ‘You only get to know each other deeply by doing life together,’ they explain. ‘And it’s the same with Jesus.’” Read More…


Start Here Review: “simple and practical”

“If this book can lead you to begin a relationship with God, even though you feel far away right now, it would have worth every penny….” Read on!

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