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Rakesh’s Story

From Jainism to Jesus…. I was brought up in a relatively religious family where my parents prayed every morning and we regularly went to the Temple. We practiced Jainism, a sect of Hinduism, and thus my last name Jain. I was almost 12 when we moved to the U.S.—to Buffalo, NY in the middle of…

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Share Your Story: Heather

Today’s story comes from Chapter Three of Start Here, “Receiving Jesus.” We want to hear your story too–share it here. Until my early twenties, I lived what I’d call the “average” American adolescent experience— surviving years of great peer influence coupled with a good dose of insecurity about who I was and what was valuable…

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Start Here Live!

Last week, David had the opportunity to talk about Start Here with a local television station. Check out the 15 minute interview here.

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